Small hydro power plant Ryumyakosky

Located on the Tokhmayoki River in the village Ruskeala, Sortavalsky District, it uses the height difference of a natural waterfall. It was built in 1937 at a capacity of 0.32 MW, in the 1960s it was stopped and abandoned . In 2012-2013, completely reconstructed and re-commissioned. The capacity of the hydroelectric power station is 0.63 MW, the average annual production is 2.5 million kWh., In the hydroelectric power station building there is one vertical hydraulic unit with a rotary-blade turbine manufactured by the Czech company Strojierny Brno a.s. The station operates in a fully automatic mode, controlled from the Lyaskel hydroelectric station.


Our company has completed the following works:

1. Collection of initial permitting documentation

2. Development of the Project Documentation stage

3. Obtaining a positive opinion of the State Examination

4. Development of stage Working documentation

5. Construction support in the form of author supervision.