Small hydro power plant Lyaskelya

Located on the Yanisyoki River, near the village. Laskel Pitkärantsky district. It was launched in 1899 in order to supply energy to a paper mill, destroyed during the Great Patriotic War, then rebuilt again. In 1989, it was decommissioned and mothballed. In 2011, the reconstruction of the station was completed, during which all the hydroelectric units of the station were replaced, with a significant increase in the capacity of the hydroelectric power station (initially, the hydroelectric power station had a capacity of 0.6 MW).

The capacity of the hydroelectric power station is 4.8 MW, the average annual output is 25.85 million kWh. In the building of hydroelectric power station six GA-8M hydrounits with a power of 0.8 MW with the propeller turbines working at the maximum pressure of 13.6 m are installed. The producer of hydrounits is INSET. The average long-term water flow rate is 39.1 m ³/s. Power is supplied to the grid at a voltage of 0.4 kV. The station is fully automated, its operation is carried out without permanent personnel