Energy facilities









Qualified specialists of LLC "STC RES" carry out comprehensive design of energy facilities, taking into account their specification. A full range of works is performed from the collection of IRD and engineering surveys, development of Design documentation, examination to the development of Detailed Documentation and author supervision. The developed documentation meets all the requirements and norms of the Russian Federation.


LLC STC RES offers services for the design of new construction, reconstruction, expansion, technical re-equipment of both entire energy complexes and local energy facilities.

  • calculation of 0.4-500 kV electric networks for the organization of power supply to consumers in a certain geographical area;
  • design of air (HLPE) and cable (CL) lines with voltage up to 500 kV, including in the conditions of the city;
  • design of external and internal power supply system for industrial and domestic facilities;
  • comprehensive design of construction of new substations of 6-10.35-500 kV open and closed type;
  • design of reconstruction of substations 6-10, 35-500 kV, including in conditions of existing production facilities;
  • design of automated information and measurement systems for commercial accounting of electricity (AIIS PAM);
  • design of standby power supply systems;
  • design of automated substation process control systems (APCS);
  • design of automated control and process control systems (ASDTU);
  • Design of non-traditional renewable energy sources;
  • conclusion on the possibility of additional electric power passing through existing networks.


Our company also provides:

  • Self-determination of the coordination of completed projects in state and inspection bodies;
  • Provision of technical assistance to the Customer in obtaining technical conditions from the power supply organization for construction, connection to the power supply network of electric power facilities.
  • Expert knowledge of the legal intricacies of connecting objects to electric energy and power allows us to provide professional advice on obtaining technical conditions for technological connection to power grids, permits for obtaining power. Advisory support simplifies the approval processes and is a guarantee of successful state examinations.


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