Hydraulic engineering









Qualified specialists of LLC "STC RES" carry out comprehensive design of hydraulic construction facilities, taking into account their specification. A full range of works is performed from the collection of IRD and engineering surveys, development of Design documentation, examination to the development of Detailed Documentation and author supervision. The developed documentation meets all the requirements and norms of the Russian Federation.

The design of hydraulic structures makes it necessary to apply different approaches - depending on the purpose, class, natural conditions. The development of design and working documentation requires solving problems in hydraulics, hydrology, water-energy theory, strength and stability. All this requires fundamental theoretical training, versatile skills and practical experience, which our specialists fully possess.

When designing buildings and structures, due attention is paid to the modern industrial design of both the interior and exterior, the use of modern and technological materials in the facade facing, the creation of a comfortable working environment inside the building for employees, respecting all sanitary standards, aesthetic and other requirements.

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